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Modern Marketing
is complicated
  • Too many tools
  • Too much noise
  • Many fuzzy signals
  • Always changing
  • Pressures to deliver
We are a Fractional CMO team united in our desire to help clients win
Neil J. Patel
Veteran business and marketing strategist, A brand and content marketer with broad experience launching over 20 products in 16 verticals
Brand Marketing
Sailesh Patel
Trained engineer and Ivy League Finance MBA who codes. Also a seasoned Digital Marketer that served large clients with big needs.
Performance Marketing
We function as a senior level two person team to cover needed bases for clients and their internal teams.
Think of us as an “Office of the CMO”.
Or as we call it, OCMO.
We bring big league experience to the job
Neil J. Patel
Your Goals
Sailesh Patel
Our goal is to help companies big and small punch above their weight.
Our Services
Marketing Strategy & Brand Development
We shape and position your brand to attract the right customers in the right way.
Digital Strategy & Implementation
From digital strategy to your tech stack to lead delivery, we strive to unlock your full digital business potential.
Media &
Analytics Services
We plan and place your ads and optimize them to get results that scale in a sustainable way.
Orchestration & Outcomes
We source and orchestrate a trusted team of freelance professionals to augment your team and our capabilities.
Ready to talk about how we work together to help companies simplify, focus, strategize, orchestrate, execute, measure, adjust and iterate…
and finally
replace us?
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Contact us
We function as an outsourced Office of the Chief Marketing Officer for your company.
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